Politicians from Naboo: Palpatine & Amidala


Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious is the single greatest villain to come out of Science Fiction

like I’m talking pure and utter villainy here

he has absolutely NO redeeming qualities whatsoever

I have absolutely NO sympathy for him as a person

I can’t find a single admirable thing about him besides his indomitable ambition

he literally built his good image by lying through his teeth 24/7

I cannot find a single reason for his villainy besides his being Sith and siding with the forces of Dark instead of Light

he is literally the lawful evil version of the Joker - who is the greatest villain to come out of the comic book world

Palpatine is just evil to inexplicable proportions and as a self-respecting villain myself even I can’t bring myself to like his character

all I can do is be in complete and utter wonder at the awesome and terrifying levels of insane evil he carries within him and inflicts upon the universe

That’s a lot of compliments 

I have no doubt the Jedi are doing their very best to ensure the safety of every citizen in the Republic. The accusations that the Jedi created the Clone War to give themselves more power over the government is absurd, and I will not stand for it.

Chancellor Palpatine via holoscreen. (via shaaktirules)

Or how to start a rumor while denying it.


Handmaiden Identification Guide; 2/?

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

(left to right) above: Rabé and Eirtaé with Anakin Skywalker

below: Sabé (as decoy) with Padmé Amidala


Star Wars…. if it were told through Anakin Skywalker’s Instagram Adventures

I’M SORRY I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS IS A THING THAT EXISTS I just got too excited about the new Clone Wars and-

This could either be a modern AU, or an alternate universe where everything is exactly the same… except everyone has instagram. (let’s be real this universe would involve a lot more bad hashtags, ~dramatic filters~ and check-ins at Mustafar)


“A lot of Palpatine’s actions were to prepare for the coming invasion, but some consider that to be only an excuse. Palpatine was aware of the Yuuzhan Vong, but did not take over the galaxy to save it from them, but rather because he always wanted to rule due to his own hunger for power. Palpatine’s ascent was the culmination of a thousand-year Sith plot, before the discovery of the Yuuzhan Vong. Conquering the galaxy was always the goal, the Yuuzhan Vong were simply a rival to dealt with.”

— Headcanon written 2011

The only explanation that makes sense, considering the character.

A Further Defense of Padme Amidala: Padme is not Leia and Vice Versa


Imagine if you were always being compared to a female member of your family: your mother, your grandmother, your daughter, your sister, your aunt, your niece, your cousin and so on and so on. Well this is what it’s like when people write articles singing the praises of Leia and then mention Padme for comparison, usually in a negative way. Leia is considered to be the role model and the feminist icon while Padme is considered to be the disappointing, anti-feminist, wimpy victim who should’ve known better and should’ve been a stronger than that. How dare she make mistakes!

I think it’s time to take a second look at the mother and daughter relationship of Padme and Leia.

We Saw It Coming

With the way viewers complain about Padme’s death in Revenge of the Sith, it makes me wonder if they were even paying attention to the Original Trilogy. Padme is no where to be seen. What happened to her? Did she go into hiding and if she did, why didn’t she eventually reveal herself to the Rebel Alliance and Vader? Why did she give up her children? We get a clue from Leia herself when she tells Luke that her real mother “died when I was very young”. It was because of this plot point, I knew, when The Phantom Menace premiered, that Queen Amidala would be a tragic character. Notice, however, that it’s Independent, feisty Leia that has visions of sad, beautiful Padme, not the more sensitive Luke, who takes after his mother in personality.

Also Padme’s fate was sealed not when she married Anakin, but when she was manipulated by Palpatine to impeach Chancellor Valorum. By giving a vote of no confidence in Valorum’s leadership, she gave an opportunity for the secret sith lord to become chancellor of the galaxy. And when you play a part in a sith’s schemes, whether it’s knowingly or unknowingly, sooner or later, you will be disposed of.

But what can we expect? Padme was only fourteen at the time and was living at the waning days of the Republic. She couldn’t have known that Palpatine was a sith lord or that he was the one behind the Invasion of Naboo or the Clone Wars. Heck, the Jedi didn’t even see it coming and that’s the theme of the Prequel Trilogy: even heroes can be deceived. Leia, on the other hand, has never experienced life under the Old Republic even as a senator. She’s seen Palpatine’s tyranny up close and she’s never seen Palpatine play the part of “benevolent leader”. She sees past Palpatine’s facade because there is no facade in the first place.

Leia is also older than Padme when we first meet her in A New Hope, around nineteen years of age. Age always makes a difference when it comes to life decisions. But guess what star warriors?

Leia is Flawed Too.

I remember once reading a critic’s complaint about Leia’s lack of emotional reaction to the destruction of Alderaan. I think he had a point. I wished the Original Trilogy had some scenes where Leia is sitting by herself with tears streaming down her face because she’s lost her entire planet. Her family, her people, her friends, her pets, the royal court, all dead and gone, obliterated. Instead, when an Alliance officer tells her about how shocked they were about Alderaan, her only reaction is: “no time for tears, admiral.” I know it’s wartime, but, really? Couldn’t she at least say, “I know, admiral. I know. You have no idea how devastated I feel right now. That’s why we must do all we can to destroy the Death Star so that other star systems wont suffer the same fate?” I know the EU goes into more detail about Leia’s mourning but it still would have been nice to see Leia cry on the big screen. Some people think that Leia’s stern demeanor was a sign of strength. I don’t. I see it as a personality flaw when people are afraid to cry, both men and women. It’s only natural to cry.

It was this forgetfulness about Alderaan that almost made Leia into a killer. After Lando betrays Han and gives him to Vader and Boba Fett, Chewie nearly strangles Lando in a fit of rage and Leia doesn’t stop him. Instead she gets even more furious at Lando when he pleads that he had no choice— and that he’s willing to risk his life to get them off Cloud City. Did it ever occur to her that if Lando didn’t do as he was told, the people of Cloud City would have been victims of genocide? Doesn’t it remind you of her father?

Speaking of Han Solo, it’s when she falls for him, Leia’s vulnerable side starts to show. Notice how Leia was sassy and outspoken in episode 4. She wasn’t short of insults and demands, particularly towards Han. All that goes out the window in episode 5. Han puts Leia on the spot relentlessly about her feelings for him and all she can do is give childish retorts or get tongue-tied. She finally tells him that she loves him but he never confesses his love for her—until episode six. It seems so out of character for her.

Despite Leia’s love for Han, there have been times when Leia came close to cheating on him with other men. In Shadows of the Empire Leia, under the spell of Xizor’s pheromones, nearly gets into bed with Xizor. In The Courtship of Princess Leia Leia is willing to enter into a marriage with Prince Isolder, a man she barely knows, just so that the Hapes Consortium will join the New Republic. I don’t blame her. The prince was hot and was madly in love with her. He could’ve chosen far more beautiful princesses in the galaxy but he chose Leia because he was impressed with her diplomatic skills as well. But in the end Leia chooses Han, the two marry and have three kids and Leia is back to being the superwoman we all know and love, right?

Well. No. Leia, after having three kids, had to give them up to her friend, Winter to raise because of her position as Chief of State and because their lives were being threatened. Sound familiar? 

Because she missed out on her children’s formative years, it made it harder for her children to accept her as their mother, especially Jaina, and it would come back to haunt Leia once her children became young adults. Neither Padme, nor Leia qualify for Mother of the Year awards.

But these bad judgements on Leia’s part just make Leia seem all the more human. You might think I’m criticizing Leia just to make Padme look better. I’m not. I’m saying that we should turn off the nostalgia filter when it comes to Leia. I love Leia. I love Padme. And the people you love are flawed. Just like the female relatives that you constantly get compared to.

Stay tuned for further postings.

A lot of good points.

Featuring scenes both from “Senate Spy” and the season 6 arc.

If you like this pairing, some fanfiction can be found here.

Big Bad: Plagueis, as the titular character and Master of Palpatine, appears to be this at first. At the end of the novel, however, it becomes all too clear that Darth Sidious had usurped the mantle long before his own ascent.

Book of Sith, a supplementary text on all things Sith released not long after Darth Plagueis, goes one step further by implying that Plagueis was never the Big Bad at all, being played like a violin by Sidious even prior to his apprenticeship. Of course, it’s Sidious telling us all of this.

Bigger Bad: Subverted. You’d think Plagueis, the master of Emperor Palpatine, would prove to be this for the film series even if he was dead beforehand. You’d be wrong.

The Chessmaster: Luceno seems intent on removing any potential doubt that Darth Sidious/Palpatine is the pinnacle of this trope for the Star Wars mythos. As an example, it turns out Palpatine was the one who engineered Padme’s campaign for the throne of Naboo. While this may not seem to be a big deal in and of itself, when you consider it along with the events of the films, the impact speaks for itself.

Plagueis himself is a skilled one, to a lesser extent. He was involved in the incident at Galidraan that began Dooku’s dissent with the Jedi and, more importantly, was the one who gave Sifo-Dyas the suggestion to clone an army for the Republic….

Bear in mind that the climax reveals that these things as well as a lot more had in fact been manipulated by Sidious himself.

The Chosen One: Both Palpatine and Plagueis are anxious and obsessed with meeting Anakin Skywalker. Namely, the reason they want to meet him is because he’s not only the result of a botched experiment, but also the one destined to destroy them due to the midichlorians retaliating for the unethical experiment.

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Star Wars Agitprop



Star Wars Agitprop, Russell Walks


“You may be wondering: when did he begin to change? Truth is I haven’t changed. As we have clouded the minds of the Jedi, I clouded yours. Never once I had any intention of sharing power with you. I needed to learn from you; no more, no less. To learn all of your secrets, which I trusted you would eventually reveal. But what made you think I would need you after that? Vanity, perhaps; your sense of self-importance. You’ve been nothing more than a pawn in a game played by a genuine Master.”

— Palpatine as he kills his master Darth Plagueis (Darth Plagueis by James Luceno)

In which I overthink the Galactic Senate…again


Has anyone else* noticed that for all its talk about democracy, we don’t actually know how the Senators in Star Wars are elected. In fact the evidence suggests that they aren’t.

I mean let’s take the case of Naboo. Sure the Head of State of the planet is democratically elected, but Padmé’s dialogue in Attack of the Clones hinted that it was the Queen who allowed for her to take the position, and this was only after Padmé refused to allow changes to the laws allowing her to remain Queen. But it was never truly stated that she was voted, jyst that the new Queen asked her to serve. Did Jamillia appoint her? What about Jar-Jar Binks? Did anyone vote for him to be the Representative? Why?

And then we get to Alderaan. Two Senators we see in the course of the films. Father and Daughter. Bail who is hitched to the Queen of Alderaan, and Princess Leia, who is her heir apparent**. Now I don’t know about you but having the husband and (adopted) daughter of the Monarch serve as representatives in a supposed democratic body, which Palpatine as late as Episode IV has to pretend that they matter a little bit, sort of undermines the whole institution of the Rebel Alliance, and their outrage over the injustices of the Empire. I mean if the average sentient being on the street cant vote for their representative to Courscant, then what is the point? They don’t have much of a say either way.

And then there is the Trade Federation. I get what Lucas meant by having then, the InterGalactic Banks, Techno Union etc have votes in the legislature and how that symbolises how far the Republic has fallen, but that does undermine Padmé saying “This is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause” for Palpatine’s acclamation. Democracy was already dead when Nute Gunray’s and San Hill’s cronies could directly influence law.

I guess my problems wouldn’t be an issue if the Republic had a bi or otherwise multi-cameral legislature with a House of Commons like lower house but it is canon that the Senate is the only body with lawmaking powers covering the Republic.

Anyone noticed that I’m not actually doing any work? 

**Or at least I assume she is Breha’s heir and not Bail’s. Alderaan family politics do confuse me slightly also.

Design art for Padmé’s gown and accessories.

Concept art for The Clone Wars: “Senate Spy”

Design art for Padmé’s gown and accessories.

Concept art for The Clone Wars: “Senate Spy”


The last part of the screenshots from the Trial.

Palpatine is having fun, Anakin is celebrating the victory and Ahsoka is suffering from the bitter taste of serving the Jedi Order.

Padmé playing lawyer in Palpatine’s court in The Clone Wars season 5 finale. Apparently the Galactic Republic had no separation between legislative/executive/judiciary powers.