Politicians from Naboo: Palpatine & Amidala
If you don’t already want to murder me, you will before I’m through with you. The urge to kill one’s superior is intrinsic to the nature of our enterprise. My unassailable strength gives rise to your envy; my wisdom fuels your desire, my achievements incite your craving. Thus it has been for one thousand years, and so it must endure until I have guided you to parity.
Darth Plagueis to his apprentice (via always-burning)

I’ve been making really quick ink pen pictures of SW characters and adding simple colours on them. These are the first sketches I did!
PSA: I love everything about Naboo and I love Star Wars politicians. That is all.


I’ve been making really quick ink pen pictures of SW characters and adding simple colours on them. These are the first sketches I did!

PSA: I love everything about Naboo and I love Star Wars politicians. That is all.


Darth Vader was too much the Emperor’s puppet to go against Palpatine’s wishes.

Prince Xizor, Shadows of the Empire


Propelled by fear or hatred, even a Jedi can pass beyond the constraints of the Order’s teachings and discover power of a more profound sort. But no Jedi who arrives at that place, who has risen above his or her allegiance to peace and justice, who kills in anger or out of desire, can lay real claim to the dark side of the Force.

Their attempts to convince themselves that they fell to the dark side, or that the dark side compelled their actions, are nothing more than pitiful rationalizations.
That is why the Sith embrace the dark from the start, focusing on the acquisition of power. We make no excuses.

The actions of a Sith begin from the self and flow outwards. We stalk the Force like hunters, rather than surrender like prey to its enigmatic whims.

Darth Plagueis (via drogedozent)


star wars graphic challenge   ; [2/2] spacecraft

                                                                    H-type Nubian Yacht

“We wanted to give the Senator an N-1 escort wherever she went, but… we just couldn’t keep up with the Royal Yacht, especially with Padmé at the controls.”

Ric Olié

Hm, who is the other speed junkie from Naboo we know about? The one who used to win all the speed racing competitions? ;)
Sidious vs Savage

Sidious vs Savage

Attack of the Clones deleted scene

Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #3



in a recent interview George Lucas has also stated that he regrets pairing leia and han solo together and that leia and darth sidious would have made a much better couple

Now that I think about it…


Psychosis Analysis Part I: Characters (3/5)


3. Palpatine (Mentor; Close friend; Second master)

     Palpatine is the single most brilliant villain I have ever seen or heard of in my entire life. I don’t condone his evil ways, but acknowledge the intellect. Senator, Chancellor, Supreme Chancellor, Emperor. He not only worked his way through the political chain to be seated at the top, but created all the unrest to get him there. The system was weak, and he took advantage of that by creating a problem that would just make them weaker and when they called out, he was already there. He led a double life as the Senator from Naboo and The Dark Lord Of The Sith: Darth Sidious. As Sidious and Senator Palpatine, he controlled good and evil in the heart of the galaxy, where it had the biggest impact on the entire galaxy.

     He tempted and persuaded the Nemoidians of The Trade Federation Group to invade Naboo. The Nemoidians were cowardly and weak, it was a walk in the park for Sidious. He used his own planet as a target and used his own queen as a victim, to hurt and plea for The Senate to act. There he could show her the corruption of the Senate and with his loyalty and commitment to the queen persuade her to denounce Supreme Chancellor Vallorum. To Palpatine’s benefit, Queen Admidala was fierce and passionate for her people. She was strong in court. To Palpatine’s disadvantage, Queen Admidala was fierce and passionate for her people, too much to stand around and have people bicker and waste time while her people died. And The Battle Of Naboo commenced. The Trade Federation was defeated, but Palpatine had already accomplished entrance into the Senate as Supreme Chancellor. More scheming would need to be done, and so it would.

     Personally, I believe Palpatine could sense Anakin was special. That and/or noting his exceptional contribution to the battle. Palpatine was angry, but no one could know. That little boy had blown up the control ship, but Palpatine would persist. And he could be a great asset in the future.That last line sound familiar? Palpatine would watch his career closely as he told him on Naboo after the battle. But he couldn’t make a move now, he was just a boy. So he persisted with propogating to some Jedi how the Order and Republic were corrupt. As a man living a double life, one being in politics, it’s safe to say his persuasive techniques were exceptional. And they worked on some, notably one Jedi: Master Sifo Dias. He disowned the Jedi and pledged his life to the Sith, now as Darth Tyrannus. I believe Sifo Dias and Tyrannus are the same, correct me if I’m wrong.

     Sifo Dias, before he became Tyrannus, flew to Kamino to discuss a formation of an army. I believe this was Sidious who requested Sifo Dias go. As a Jedi Master, Sifo Dias seemed a logical ‘represenative for the Republic’ when really he was representing Sidious and the Republic had no idea about this army. And so the clones began to grow.

     And slowly after that, over the course of ten years, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had become Anakin Skywalker’s close friend and mentor. Anakin shared his thoughts and feelings to him. Some things he told him he didn’t tell Obi-Wan because he just couldn’t discuss certain things. He told Palpatine just about everything. Anakin felt he could do this because Palpatine understood him deeper than just about anyone else. Obi-Wan was like his dad and teacher and Palpatine was his best friend. Palpatine also praised him and his abilities whereas Obi-Wan in contrast would appear ‘overly-critical’. Palpatine fed his ego and validated that feeling deep down inside Anakin that he would be the most powerful Jedi. Anakin’s confusion was not right, but Palpatine fed it past satiation.

     Anakin learned ways of life from both Obi-Wan and Palpatine. While this was going on, Palptine as Sidious further propogated and antagonized the Republic to where by either Sidious’ hand or the rebelling planets’, many star systems rebelled agsinst the Republic. This Separatist group was ‘led’ by Darth Tyrannus under the name Count Dooku, but Dooku was led by Sidious. So Sidious was the instigator of The Separatists. In an effort to win the Nemoidians support, Dooku hired the bounty hunter the Kaminoans used for their clones, Jango Fett, to assasinate the Senator that had defeated the Nemoidians in The Battle Of Naboo in 31 B.B.Y.

     By fate or Darth Sidious’ intent, Padmé and Anakin had reunited after ten years. It is unknown how much Palpatine knew about them, but I believe he knew. Palpatine would hear about Shmi’s death and how Obi-Wan was holding him back. Palpatine would console him, but not fully turn him against his master. No, not yet. But Palpatine was being fed all the information to slowly scheme; he was patient. So Palpatine moved the motion in the Senate chambers to use the Kamino clones that he himself secretly ordered, to fight the Separatists he had instigated, thus Palpatine created The Clone Wars. Also, he would try to stay in office longer than his term. And he succeeded. His next move worked itself out for him three years later: Anakin’s visions of Padmé. But he didn’t start there.

     While Anakin tried his best in this confusion on who he was and what to do to prevent his wife’s death, Palpatine remained a close friend and confidant. Also he was guiding the the leader of the droid army, General Grievious. Sidious arrange that Dooku capture him as Palpatine maybe to draw Anakin to him because he needed to be rescued. This resulted in Dooku’s death. His death was yet another plunge further into Anakin’s confusion and Palpatine justified it by condoning revenge and going against the Jedi way. Palpatine knew his patience was soon ready to be paid off. The boy was incredibly powerful, reckless, confused, angry, afraid, in love and susceptible. Not only did Palpatine persuade Anakin that the Jedi were corrupt, but his war, his Separatists, his Republic (in a way) he was destroying. And as he made these times bad, Anakin saw people different. Anakin saw the Jedi resort to treason and ask Anakin to spy on Palpatine. They were at war, things weren’t their normal way. Palpatine shifted reality and also made Anakin susceptible in this plummeting government. It made the Jedi look bad. There were ideals he had and everything was contradicting that. Reform was needed.

     But he was also distracted from thinking completely critical, for the person he loved more than anything was going to die and because Anakin knew this, he could NOT fail again. He was also unsure if his child would survive. That topped it, there was no limit to what he would do to stop it. He should have sought help, even if it meant him being expelled from the Jedi Order. But Padmé would no longer be a senator. Despite her pleas to just run away and raise their child, Anakin wouldn’t let her loose her life. He could do better. He had to. They would keep their secret as long as they could and he would prevent death.

     It was here that Palpatine would reveal himself. He already had control over the Senate and the Courts. He was more powerful than the Jedi. All he needed was Skywalker. He was (over)confident he would win him over. And if all else failed, his ace in the hole was Padmé. With the blue blade at Sidious’ throat, Sidious told him there was a way to save Padmé like he told young Skywalker at the theater. Now Anakin couldn’t kill him. He would stand trial, but somehow he had to know if he knew a way to cheat death. The confusion had reached its peak. Anakin stood in the Council chambers and stared out the window to his and Padmé’s apartment, contemplating. Palpatine couldn’t die, but the Jedi were on their way to arrest him. But was that true? He didn’t know how much he trusted the Jedi, and Palpatine might put up a fight. So what if they killed him? Was he going to let a potential chance to save Padmé slip through his hands as he stayed in the chamber like he was told to?

He obeyed them once and lost his mother. He wasn’t going to do it again.

     He knew it was wrong still, but he left. Padmé was above this war, politics, the Jedi, the Sith, the stupid prophecy and even Obi-Wan. He arrived as Master Mace Windu was practically cornering a cowering Palpatine. Palpatine whimpered and whined to make Master Windu look like a corrupt tyrant. That was just what Palpatine was trying to get Anakin to see. As Palpatine’s lightning reflected Windu’s lightsaber, he deformed himself to attain more sympathy for him and to make the Jedi look inhumane. After he stopped the Force lightning, Master Windu knew he was too dangerous to be kept alive and so he raised his lightsaber, ignoring Anakin’s pleas. So Anakin severed his arm and Palpatine threw him out of the building to fall to his death.

     There was nothing left that made sense to Anakin. He had killed a Jedi. But Padmé mattered more to him. He had just killed for her, not like in a battle. He fell to his knees and begged him to save his wife’s life, saying he would do anything. And that night he was christened Darth Vader, and finally, for the first time in a while, through Darth Sidious, things started to make sense. His feelings weren’t challenged anymore, but welcomed through Sidious. But above all, he would do his old friend’s bidding, no matter what, and then delve into the research work of Darth Plaegus The Wise, if Sidious was even telling the truth.

(the following paragraph is from Vader’s perspective.)

     His belief in the Jedi had extinguished, so when his master told him every Jedi was an enemy of the Republic, Vader concurred. He knew he would even have to kill children, but his obsessive quest to save his wife’s life made him do it as quickly as he did. And when the rage took over, he felt right; he felt like a wild animal but a supreme corrector when he stormed the Temple. The Jedi were all about order, conformity, control and obedience. They were just pawns. Anakin was powerful enough to surpass every Jedi, he knew all along. He could even overthrow Palpatine. Soon it would be his government, but for the people. He could make things the way he and Padmé wanted. He had found a way to save her AND make things right….better…..fixed finally. No ordinary Jedi or Sith could do it, only him. He knew he was special. But these new government ideals would come later. First, eliminate the Jedi, next end the war. He could never get this much done with the Jedi. They were just selfish tyrants and their tyranny had to end.

     And so he slaughtered every Jedi that the army behind him didn’t kill. Palpatine took care of the rest: Palpatine ordered HIS clones that HE sent Dooku to create to finally fufill their duty and turn on the Jedi, killing them all.

     Then came killing all the separatists on Mustafar. And Vader killed them all. Afterward, looking out into the lava rivers, the good man that was Anakin came back, realizimg this was wrong, but this started the justifications. Still he cried in remorse. He was becoming a monster, but it was the only way. For Padmé. For his family. But how did it get to this….why?

Palpatine, that’s how; that’s why.

     Anakin was waiting for his master on Mustafar. He was so close to saving her, the worst was hopefully behind him. He would chew and swallow this regret and persist on with the Dark Side. It felt more right than the Jedi’s side anyway. But there was a familiar ship on the scanner….what was she doing here? Vader rushed to the landing platform. She had explained how Obi-Wan had told her terrible things. They’re not terrible, Anakin thought, they’re necessary. Padmé didn’t understand yet, she believed the Jedi lies. It was complicated, but Anakin understood and it was all that mattered. And then he saw Obi-Wan standing at the mouth of the ship and realized what was happening. The very two people he needed to enlighten were against him. Padmé was in with the Jedis who were against him. And then the rage came over because she couldn’t turn against her, not her. He was flooded with the realization his last and only shred of unconfused sanity became one of them. She would pay, Anakin acted upon that. He eventually stopped force choking her and Obi-Wan tried talking to him, but he was too late. There was a new government that wasn’t corrupt, thought Vader. Everything was going to be okay eventually if they would just join him and endure this storm before the calm. If only they knew how bad he felt and now how right he felt. That meant everything.

     But Obi-Wan wouldn’t listen. He was one of them and he had to die if he didn’t accept this new truth. So they fought, and Anakin lost.

     While the clones were searching for Yoda in the Senate Chambers, Sidious had sensed something was wrong with Darth Vader. By the time his ship arrived, Vader was nearing death, but the strong Sith stayed alive. Palpatine returned him to Coruscant to the medical center. Anakin would need new prosthetic limbs, 3 of them. His internal organs were badly damaged and couldn’t function on their own. So he would need a respirator and life suppprt system with functions such as energy suppliments and so on. He couldn’t even eat on his own. He needed to be equipped with this life support system on him at all times. But Palpatine couldn’t loose him. So he had the life support system strapped to his chest, wires going inside him to feed him and regulate his heartbeat. More buttons and such were put on a belt.

After the prosthetics were installed, he was given a black protective suit. His belt and chest piece were wired in. He was then supplied with a three piece helmet, used for breathing because he couldn’t breathe too much on his own. The bottom piece was wired into him, he was given boots, a decorative sleeveless cloth, a chestplate, a cape and gloves. Palpatine not only put life support on to keep him energetic enough to serve him, but he gave him an entire outfitand new look, topped with a helmet sculpted to strike fear as well as keep him breathing. The middle piece rested on the bottom helmet piece and the red viewers/scanners became the color he would see for most of 24 years. As the third piece fastened to guard the back of his head, he breathed through his machines for the first time as his systems on his chest and wires inside him became part of his organs.

When the Emperor arrived at Vader’s side, the first thing Vader asked was how Padmé was. Palpatine told him that in his anger (strangling) he killed her. The truth was that Padmé had lost the will to live. The Republic she spent most of her life supporting had turned into a tyranny. Her life’s work had deteriorated, but she had Anakin. But her love turned to the Dark Side, supported everything she didn’t politically speaking, he killed many Jedi, sliced, stabbed and mutilated countless little children and he had turned his back on his master. Life was not worth living. She had her children, but she would be too sad and unable to fully enjoy life, especially not in this evil Empire with a murderous father with an anger problem. She could have fought in her delivery, but she didn’t want to. There was no more to fight for except her children. And it killed her, literally. Her last words was her last shred of hope, that she knew there was still good in him. And she died on the delivery table with Leia in Obi-Wan’s arms, seeing her mother’s sorrow before she closed her eyes one last time.

     But Palpatine had told him it was Vader’s anger. He was wrong I felt she was alive, Anakin thought and said out loud, but The Emperor stayed silent and Vader realized he couldn’t be lying. Palpatine was trying to save her too! Vader was wrong, the one person he was trying to save he killed. His rage glowed and screamed inside him, things around him constricted and viles exploded. With his rage-fueled strength, he ripped off the steel cuffs bolted to the operating table and he used his prosthetic legs for the first time with difficulty.

And it was there that all confusion was finally totally gone. It was there that Anakin Skywalker truly died with only a shred left, blown away and lost. It was there that Darth Vader lost absolutely everything, all hope and motivation as he cried out into the black empty chamber, again with difficulty because his vocal chords were permamately hindered and he was using his voice generator.

     No, Darth Vader didn’t commit suicide because of it, Palpatine acted like he was sorry and consoled him. Palpatine did enough to keep him from putting a lightsaber through his heart and to continue to fight for what they both thought was right, and the Jedi needed to be killed because they turned Padmé. The Jedi were to Padmé as the Tusken Raiders were to Shmi. Darth Vader then spent his energy hunting down and killing all the rest of the Jedi that survived Order 66, Obi-Wan being his main target. He became occupied and reinstated his belief and passion for The Empire, but it was hollow. He lived to serve Palpatine, he was all Vader had now and he would let nothing hurt him. He fought for the man who gave him a new start on life; a life that made sense for once in decades. The Dark side was the way of life. And in that, Darth Vader was a Sith, full and entirely.

     After (most of) the Jedi were destroyed and The Death Star was completed, Vader and Palpatine’s main focus was the Rebellion, notably the people who stole the plans to The Death Star. Palpatine received good news that Obi-Wan had finally been killed, but later horrible news as the space station was later destroyed. However, amongst the Battle in 0 A.B.Y. he encountered a very unique pilot. The Force was very strong with him, and there was something else….some other feeling. The mysterious pilot was one of the few survivors of the Rebel squadron. To top it off, it was HIM who destroyed the Death Star. Who was he?

After some thinking and conversing with The Emperor, all he had to do was search his feelings and he knew it: Anakin’s child was born. His wife died in childbirth and he was the surviving son. Vader had to find him, bring him to The Emperor, the last good man in the galaxy. He had to bring him to the Dark Side ‘cause it would be right for him like it was right for Anakin and Vader, and it was right, period. He wouldnt let him be against him like Padmé, he wouldnt let that happen. He could have a family again.

     Vader searched for young Luke Skywalker for years before he knew Luke was a Skywalker, obsessed with a person so strong with the Force like him, this could be the gateway to rebuilding the Sith to more than just master and apprentice. Maybe an elite squad, who knew? Palpatine was confident Luke would follow his father’s footsteps. He and Vader agree Luke be frozen in carbonite and sent to Coruscant. They both underestimated Luke. Yoda had taught him well, but Vader thought it was Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan had poisoned yet another Skywalker’s mind, but he was dead and could do no more for Luke. Had Obi-Wan still been alive, Vader might have killed Luke. He didn’t kill Luke and couldn’t. Somethimg else was holding Vader back from killing him. Him having a son (or daughter) was an excitement he had forgotten for so long and when he realized he was alive, that excited Anakin jumped out., but Vader shut him up……for the most part.

     Palpatine didn’t know this because Vader buried this deep. That’s why he just lay in Vader’s hands as Vader picked him up and threw him off the balcony. The classic element of surprise.


     Anakin entered this world of Jedis, lightsabers, politics and training fast. This was a completely different world from Tatooine. And although Palpatine’s presence was subtle, it was strong enough. As the years progressed, it transitioned into a better relationship. Palpatine simply planted a seed and left it alone untill he grew older where he engaged with him more.

     Anakin suffered isolation because of how different he was. The Jedi would respond with their standards which to the average child Padawan would work, whether they understood then or much later. Granted, this wasn’t 100% guaranteed, but effective. But not for Anakin. Anakin was almost an entirely new species. He was a prodigy, incredibly strong with the Force, very powerful and inducted so late. His pupils had been taken into the Order at infancy and were not only obedient but the Jedi way was their normalcy. These children were 10 years or so ahead of Anakin; he was behind. He could catch up, but in a different way. This put Anakin out of place with pupils. Masters shared this syndrome as well. This isolated poor Anakin. His purpose and identity were unknown, and answers were what he was looking for. The Jedi couldn’t understand, they would merely reply with their standards. So young Skwalker had his own little island of unanswered questions deep in his psyche. This island only grew and prospered in chaos as he was distracted by training, adolescence and ignorance. The only one who understood was Palpatine.

     As the stress of Shmi, The Clone Wars, quarrels with Obi-Wan, keeping a marriage secret and a pregnant wife piled up, Anakin’s refuge was his conversations with Palpatine. When he listened and got ‘evidence’ the Jedi and Republic were corrupt, his isolation got worse. This made him obligated to be self-reliant in dealing with his dilema like many times before. But it was getting out of hand. Palpatine condoned this, justifying Anakin being his own Order. Palpatine boosted Anakin’s ego, blinded his vision of the Jedi way and furthered his arrogance. Talk about a bad influence.

     So being immature and having that immaturity never subsided, it only got worse. I find this to be unintentional abandonment issues, resulting in an insubordinate autonomy, happening occasionally for the longest time followed by just too damn much. Palpatine slithered to his island through an ocean of time and patience. He was welcomed and it was made his home. Being the most understanding, Anakin believed everything because Palpatine spoke his language, so he was vulnerable. Through Palpatine’s command, Vader was horribly mutilated, and Palpatine fashioned him into an iron lung, or fist, and with his Empire already formed, he had won. Vader was stripped of everything but him and the Empire….for the next 24 years.

PROGNOSIS 41 B.B.Y. - 4 A.B.Y.

- Separation anxiety
- Prolonged Isolation
- loneliness
- depression
- severe prolonged confusion
- pride/arrogance
- Insubordination
- Rage
- severe loss

I will be Chancellor.


Padmé Amidala - Senator Dress

"This dark blue velvet dress included a peek-a-boo panel of golden yellow, with the lapel and collar turned up. Connected to the either side of underside of the collar was a glossy, crimped scarf-like shawl that met at her mid-back, held together by a large, beaded ribbon. The ends drifted part as they reached her ankles. The full sleeves were tied off at the elbow, giving way to a drawn-up sleeve of lustrous material. The yellow panel was decorated with needlework, especially around the high collar, which was decorated with beads. The surcoat was embellished with large Naboo designs along the inner hem dine in light yellow thread, and the trim was a light shade of blue. Her hair was done in an intricate upside-down dual-fan shape, with a half-crescent bun in the back. She also wore a small jeweled diadem.”

Too bad they deleted that scene from the film. It’s really good.


Padmé Amidala - Senator Dress

"This dark blue velvet dress included a peek-a-boo panel of golden yellow, with the lapel and collar turned up. Connected to the either side of underside of the collar was a glossy, crimped scarf-like shawl that met at her mid-back, held together by a large, beaded ribbon. The ends drifted part as they reached her ankles. The full sleeves were tied off at the elbow, giving way to a drawn-up sleeve of lustrous material. The yellow panel was decorated with needlework, especially around the high collar, which was decorated with beads. The surcoat was embellished with large Naboo designs along the inner hem dine in light yellow thread, and the trim was a light shade of blue. Her hair was done in an intricate upside-down dual-fan shape, with a half-crescent bun in the back. She also wore a small jeweled diadem.”

Too bad they deleted that scene from the film. It’s really good.

An apology for the Devil – it must be remembered that we have only heard one side of the case. God has written all of the books. | Samuel Butler

Do not worry. I’m not going to kill you. I have…other uses for you…
Darth Sidious to Darth Maul in The Lawless, Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5.

Ahsoka Tano & Padmé Amidala in The Clone Wars s3e07 - Assassin